Chef Viki Geunes Zilte*** Restaurant Anvers Belgium

… »As a chef, i developed a tasting ability where purely balanced taste sensations stimulated me. Together with my team, i strive to offer our guests a total gastronomic experience every time. Every day we look for perfection in the culinary whole. This includes the plate, the location, the atmosphere and the entire setting. In short, we want our guests to leave the restaurant with fond memories, or beloved memories, that linger. The entire Zilte team is passionate about his profession. We are always looking for perfection in every detail. Only in this way can we strive for a unique, gastronomic total experience. An experience of awe and mystery, a culinary journey that will take you forever in your mind. »… Viki Geunes, 49 years old, studied industrial sciences, then completely self-taught, he embarked on the world of Haute Cuisine to reach his peak !

The Aan de Stroom Museum is an ethnographic, anthropological and maritime museum in Antwerp, located on the edge of the Bonaparte basin on the old port of Antwerp. it was inaugurated on May 14, 2011. The Zilte restaurant is on the 8th floor. View of the restaurant, all in length, with its spectacular panorama on the city and its surroundings.

 »à table ! » sobriety of the place, minimalist and rigorous design, with a view of Antwerp; the menu, the cutlery,…; the fougasse, herbed bread, butter & olive oil

Razor clam, fennel, codium, hamachi, gherhin with a delicious sauce, served with Muchada-Leclapart Univers+ Spain

presentation of spoons, presentation of caviar on ice, the cone of caviar and herbs

Imperial Heritage Caviar, private selection from north Italy, Hazelnut, toro, served with a Japanase Sake 58 Keigetsu Aikawa-Homare Yamahai Junmai

Langoustine, radish, salted yuzu, sea urchin, hinohikari, wonderful sauce, served with Furst Centgrafenberg Riesling 2014

Lobster, mirabelle, walnut, black Shallot, vanilla, served with Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2019 Domaine Pinson Freres; Turbot, pig’s trotter, pea, pil pil, vin Jaune, served Arbois 2011 Melon à queue Rouge Lucien et Vincent Aviet

King crab, Myoga, rutabaga, sansho pepper, dumpling, served with Santorini Ancestral vines 34 vintage 2019; Mallard black pudding, cgosse liver, date, chicory, served Les Hauteurs Dominique Hauvette a Tarerach Arpege 2011

Apple, cider, calvados, double creme, 4 spices, served with Chateau Pierre B. Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu, Les Rouannieres 1990; Home made dulcey, miso, jasmine, sake lees, sudachi

piece of Art; The Aan de Stroom Museum with its curved glass structure

Viki Geunes, the chef of three-star restaurant Zilte, is no ordinary chef. As an autodidact with an exceptionally developed tasting ability, he restlessly explores the limits of what can be culinary in order to provide you with a unique culinary experience. Passionate about his craft, almost obsessively looking for perfection in all its details, he conjures up a creative, generous, extremely contemporary and refined cuisine on the plate without compromise. Far out of the comfort zone. In Zilte, a pure and unique total experience is central. … »We bring products into creations with attention to the essence that stimulate all your senses. »… All this is supported by a team full of character, with expertise and hospitality in the first place. The comfortable setting with its wide view over the skyline of Antwerp and warm atmosphere accompany your culinary journey in a unique setting with heritage and innovation as a guideline. … »We strive to make the experience more intense. »… The refined materials and soothing colors used in the interior make Zilte complete. Chef Viki Geunes, wife Viviane Plaquet and their team invite you at an unprecedented height for a pure and unique gastronomic journey. Here you want to lower your voice, take a deep breath and focus on food and conversation. Wooden interior elements in well-considered balance with earthy, soothing tones enhance the characterful setting. Impressive and magical. … »The appreciation I get from my guests is my source of energy. If you, so to speak, get applause from the customers, it gives you enormous satisfaction. It also makes your work lighter. »… Viki Geunes



Chef Viki Geunes

Zilte*** Restaurant

Hanzestedenplaats 5

2000 Antwerpen Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 283 40 40




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