Vila Foz 5* Hotel Spa Restaurant* Porto Portugal

Twenty minutes from downtown Porto, facing the endless blue of the Atlantic Ocean, the Vila Foz Hotel Spa Restaurants bars, is a luxurious seaside residence. The walls of Casa Palaciana breathe from its rich past, beautiful and happy memories of another time. Today, new contemporary design blends with history, and always the sea as unique horizon.

Vila Foz Hotel & Spa was born from the desire to reveal another face of the city, to offer something more than the Porto do Rio, than the Porto in the historic centre, than the Porto dos monuments. This is the Port of the sea, the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean, the gentle aroma of the sea, the magnificent terraces on the sand. This is Porto da Foz, a traditional neighborhood in the city that began as a fishing port and which in the 19th century became the seaside resort for the inhabitants of the city and its surroundings, where families from the wealthier classes built their palaces to pass through the summer and bathe in the therapeutic waters, rich in iodine, of its beaches. From here to becoming the noblest and most distinguished neighborhood in the city, it was a short path. Inspired by this recent past and eager to share some of this 19th century glamor with those who appreciate the history and authenticity of the place, the hotel has been installed in one of these sumptuous mansions, on the front line of sea, in what is one of the most emblematic avenues of the city, with the objective of bringing Foz closer to its visitors. The architectural project was entrusted to the office Miguel Cardoso Architects, for whom the challenge was to design a hotel where the present would take us back to the past, but with the comfort and modernity of our days. In addition, it was necessary to deepen the connection between the sea and the abundant green of green spaces, in order to allow a global experience of comfort, light and nature. The design is signed by interior designer Nini Andrade Silva, guaranteeing respect for the architectural period of the Palacete at the end of the 19th century, while giving it a daring contemporaneity and maintaining its usual high standards of refinement. Today Vila Foz offer Sixty eight rooms & suites, in two buildings, a Spa, two restaurants, two bars, and the horizon as far as the eye can see, on the Atlantic Ocean

Magnificent parquet floors, woodwork on the ceiling, thick curtains and the pendant light make the lobby feel cozy; living room and bar with its terrace and ocean view

the entrance with its suspension and blown glass diffusers, the tiled floor is period, the staircase and its wrought iron banister are magnificent

Thus, a new building was built, inspired by simple lines, creating a perfect harmony between the two styles. Built in reinforced concrete and finished with plaster and glass, it receives the textures and architectural elements of the Palace through an interior passage, which gradually reveals a transformation with contemporary lines. Harmoniously integrated into the space, with the desired discretion, the lightness of the materials and the transparency of the glass go well with the immense blue of the open sky and the endless sea. Next to the building there is a Metrosidero which is part of the history of these gardens, a protected species typical of this part of the city, which meant that the whole architectural project had to be designed around this century-old tree. The rooms are spacious, modern, refined, thought out down to the smallest detail, seeking inspiration in the elegance of the materials used in the other spaces of the hotel.

The spa with the rooms above; the heated pool and the design long chairs, a sauna & Hammam, with natural light and a sunny outdoor terrace, Codage Paris is one of the partner brands for its philosophy and approach.

The spectacular dining room of the gourmet restaurant* an extravagant room, where refinement and comfort come together, spacious, bright, welcoming, sumptuous, between modernity and classicism.

Surf ( Rebentaçao ) menu; Delicats appetizers

Greetings, with Riofrio Russian Style Caviar, from the Chef Arnaldo Azevedo, one Michelin star; Lobster, Tras-os-Montes olives, turnip and Meyer lemon, delicious starters with wonderful products

Squid, roasted garlic, daikon and iodized broth, A trully Master piece dish, flavors, textures, taste, and this wonderful sweet turnip juice, Bravo Chef !

Desserts: Grape and yoghurt; Azorean pineapple, abade de Priscos and citrus fruit (traditional Portuguese recipe)

The hidden bar, a counter with a view of the open kitchen, it is a place with sophisticated and modern touches, design and trendy; Vila Foz is a small nugget of luxury and comfort, an intimate address where one would almost feel at home …



Vila Foz 5* Hotel Spa Restaurant*

Av. de Montevideu 236

4150-516 Porto Portugal

Tel.: +351 22 244 9700




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