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‘Beauty is everywhere, for those who knows how to look’… ‘La beauté est partout, pour ceux qui savent regarder’… After nine years of work, located in the heart of 20 hectares of fragrant gardens and olive groves, Mandarin Oriental Marrakech has established itself as one of the most luxurious five stars hotel establishments in Marrakech. With its 54 villas and apartments, its Spa, its swimming pools, its restaurants and its renowned cuisine, Morocco offers itself to you in all its splendor. Once in a life time experience…

Here, the light is magic, intense, powerful, it facinates … bewitches, … just like the shadows of the vegetation that caresses the walls of the buildings, look, contemplate, something is happening, electric,… the sun crosses the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech resort from West to East, but even more than that, … emotions fill your heart and soul, and on your face, yes! you smile ! of this marvelous spectacle, a real moment of happiness offered by this quality destination. The birds are singing, the wind refreshes the air, the rosebushes perfume the alleys, … paradise is on earth … an authentic moment to be savored without moderation …

The maine building with view overlooking the swimming pool and the gardens of the estate

The splendid marble swimming pool, with its soft and translucent water, just magnificent !

the 54 villas are scattered around the resort, hidden by the lush vegetation

here 288sqm one-bed villas with courtyard, private pool and fireplace. Contemporary Riad style, walled courtyard with pool, outdoor kitchen and hot tub

sun bed by the pool, master bedroom with king bed, living area with sofa, desk with big glass window and Italian marble table, on the walls, sculpted bas-reliefs representing an eye, to protect the place

The Bathroom is open to the bedroom: windows and mirrors everywhere, Italian marble, circular bathtub and a separate shower,…

Spa & Wellness Drawing inspiration from the Oriental heritage and Moroccan location, the serene spa is the ultimate holistic oasis. With a design inspired by the historic cathedrals and mosques of Andalucia, the Spa at Mandarin Oriental Marrakech is a temple of wellbeing dedicated to health, holistic healing and rejuvenation.

With high arched ceilings, long corridors built from red brick and a stunning sun-drenched ornamental pool leading off reception, the spa’s design is one of the most beautiful in Marrakech, providing the perfect backdrop to the long list of treatments and therapies. Spread over 1800 metres squared, the spa has six treatment rooms, including two suites, all with private gardens where guests can relax, and some with vitality baths, outside treatment areas and one dedicated Thai treatment suite. In addition, there are two luxurious Moroccan hammams, a hairdresser and a beauty salon featuring both manicure and pedicure stations. Following the treatment, you will then be invited to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the cosy living room.

Product lines including Mandarin Oriental Signature Products, Biologique Recherche, Linda Meredith, marocMaroc, Nectarome and Aromatherapy Associates. Massage Oriental Essence 1 hour 20mn with ‘Reflect’, using custom-blended Oriental oils and movements inspired by traditional Oriental therapies, this tension-busting massage treats the whole body. Focuses on the traditional stress-holding areas of the back, neck and shoulders.

Shirvan is an ancient province of Azerbaijan that inspired Akrame for his concept. Through the history of the Silk Road, which winds across the country, the chef imagined a cuisine of sharing, delicately seasoned with spices, in a space that is fully journey-oriented.

Shirvan Cafe Metisse, Sharing cuisine, delicately scented with spices, in a place definitely geared towards travel. Discover the world of the Silk Road through a culinary journey… Beginning in North Africa, this culinary passage captures the distinctive characteristics of the destination within the cuisine. From the mesmerizing light of the Medina, to the gorgeous colour hues of ochers and purple seen throughout the mysterious vaulted vennels and secret staircases. Mirroring the vibrant destination, the Chef Akrame proposes a menu that combines an abundance of colourful wonders; fresh, fried, grilled, smoked, pink, green, blue-tinted, carmine. Immerse yourself in this world of nuance and innovation. Homemade humus, homemade crispy dried bread

Starters: Pita Frina, Et Qutab: Azeri grilled bread stuffed with lamb, onions, sumac and raspberry compote. Lobster pastilla, Tedec style: crispy rice recipe from Iran, Spicy potatoes and The unavoidable slow braised lamb shoulder, white wine of Morroco Eclipse Les Deux Domaines Meknes 2019, delicious and authentic cuisine from around the world ! Akrame Benallal is born in 1981 in France and who grew up in Oran, Algeria. Raised by his mother, he inherits from her the love of cooking: his dishes must be imbued with feelings. He spent his childhood in Algeria, but later returned to France. He start his first steps at the Orangerie of Château de Blois before joining the team of Pierre Gagnaire, a three-star chef. He also went through the Elysées restaurant at Vernet in Paris and then did a season at El Bulli at Ferran Adria in Spain. In 2005, he became chef for the first time, at the Château des 7 Tours in Touraine, before taking over the Trendy Lounge in Tours, which he renamed Atelier d’Akrame. Although it is designated « Big of tomorrow » by Gault and Millau, the financial liabilities of Trendy do not allow to continue this adventure, it must then close its doors. This does not discourage Akrame Benallal, always full of energy and projects, since he opened his eponymous restaurant, the Akrame, rue Lauriston in Paris, where he offers refined and surprising cuisine: he received a first Michelin star in 2012. He took the opportunity to create Atelier Vivanda, a meat bistro, and, in 2013, a second Akrame in Hong Kong. He felt so good in rue Lauriston that he also opened a wine cellar and cheese bar, which he soberly called Brut. In 2014, the Parisian Akrame obtained a second star, which he unfortunately lost in 2016. Since he also opened two other Vivanda in Paris and Hong Kong and worked on a large number of projects, such as the Mad’leine corner.

Ling Ling, a new experience from Hakkasan. Drawing inspiration from the popular Eastern concept of ‘Izakaya’, at Ling Ling, food is served to accompany the drinks, rather than the other way around. With drinking, dining and dancing at the forefront, Ling Ling bends the Hakkasan DNA to create a restaurant and bar experience that reflects and complements the beautiful Moroccan environment. Designed by Parisian duo Gilles & Bossier and located in the West wing of the lobby, Ling Ling moves from inside to out, with a spacious outdoor terrace overlooking the gardens, lounge and bar. Mr Benjamin Pastor GM

Pool Garden, Alfresco lunch in a relaxed, poolside setting, Under the shade of beautiful bougainvillea filled pergolas, with views overlooking the resort’s gardens and various ornamental water pools, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with attentive staff

Shirvan Cafe Metisse Bar Cocktails and drinks homemade syrups and fresh fruit, focuses on spices. At Shirvan, cocktails are also part of the journey. They are best enjoyed with food. The small drink menu includes infused alcohols, homemade syrups and fresh fruit, and focuses on spices. Adjacent to Shirvan Café Metisse Restaurant, the verstaile Bar evolves throughout the night from elegant tea lounge to enjoy a beautiful sunset to a chic and trendy bar-lounge. Overlooking the picturesque ponds that form the centrepiece to the resort, the Shirvan café metisse Bar enjoys a relaxed Oriental feel with a décor influenced both by Berber traditions and Arab-Andalucian design. 1 hour Mixology class is a must !

Come to experience a sunset dinner in the desert, at The White Camel Lodge & Tents, just amazing time, 1 hour shuttle from Mandarin Oriental Marrakech. Thanks to Mr Marcel Thoma GM.



Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

Resort Villas & Spa Morocco

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