Danai Beach Resort Villas & Spa Nikiti Greece

Danai Beach Resort & Villas is a splendid 5 stars hotel resort, member of “The Leading Hotels of the World”, located in Sithonia region Halkidiki, a Greek peninsula located by the turquoise Aegean Sea. The luxurious resort is set within breathtaking nature: lush Mediterranean gardens and a wide- ranging, sandy beach,… The Resort offer a broad range of luxury suites and villas, each one unique in style and design, featuring either stunning views over the gardens, and the Aegean Sea.

Welcome to Danai ! ‘The Bird’ luxury 82ft motor Yacht, front of the resort

Suite 49, large bright living room with modern furniture, design style, marble floor, with Picasso’s lithography on the wall

the terrace with sofa and sea view; the large pool with long chairs

the Danai Spa, the boutique ‘avenue’

The wine cellar, Sommelier Mr Apostolos Plachouras. Built into the side of the mountain, equipped with rustic, antique furnishings and naturally cooled temperatures within give the wine cellar its old-world ambience. You find a true treasure: an number of minimum 1700 etiquettes of finest wines carefully collected over decades. The cellar, located in the very heart of the Resort is therefore one of the best provided cellars in Greece. The wine list contains 20 of the most exquisite champagnes such as the top collectable Heidsieck Monopole 1907 ‘Goût Américain’. Within the mystic, medieval, accented interior. Regularly tours and wine tastings are performed by the Sommeliers. A wine- tasting does not only invite to seizing the opportunity of tasting most exclusive wines, but furthermore take you on a trip through the history, origins and production processes.

A spectacular setting at panoramic Andromeda terrace restaurant

‘Squirrel’ Dining gourmet menu: Marinated mackerel in white soya, withe yuzu panacota, sesame mayo and cream cheese with wasabi

Smoked mussels in pine tree,green asparagus with Chartreuse, parmesan sauce and coffee; Mousse foie gras with kabot pepper, popcorn with satay, and pickled fennel flowers, served with oolong milky tea

Almond crumble with fresh citrus, yuzu cream and blood orange sorbet; talented Chef Vasilis Mouratidis: a very nice cuisine, (homemade bread, homemade seaweed butter) tasty, perfect cooking control, right quantity, nice ‘dressage’, this restaurant deserve definitely a Michelin star !

also ‘Anithos’ open air Restaurant, clean lines, shades of white and grey, wood details, for a delicious Greek cuisine

the Seaside bar, lounge and terrace, nice snacks cuisine ‘the Burgers trilogie’ & delicious cocktails

The walk path to the private beach…

Danai Beach Resort Villas Restaurants & Spa is one of the best luxury destinations in Greece, a Family business, passionate, who open you their ‘House’ hospitality management is a ‘gift’ to them, their smile and their heart is a true welcome !


Danai Beach Resort Villas Restaurants & Spa

The Leading Hotels of the World

Nikiti 630 88 – Greece

Tel: +30 2375 020400




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