Chateau de Candie Hotel restaurant Chambery France

The Chateau de Candie is located on the heights, and overlooks the city of Chambery. In the heart of a magnificent six-hectare park with hundred-year-old trees,bshthis authentic 14th century fortified house combines past and present. Built in the Middle Ages in the town of Chambery-le-Vieux, which is today considered the oldest village in Savoy. Perched on a hill a little out of the way, it is surrounded by a century-old forest and vineyards. The noble family of Candie, formerly named Chaffaron, were close to the House of Savoy, with whom they hunted in the woods of Candie. The family owned the farmland in the surrounding area.bshThese were sometimes crossed by merchants crossing the Alps and pilgrims going to pray to the Virgin of Holy Shadow, protector of travelers, in the village below. From its view of the mountains, to the rustling of the water from the fountain, to the shivering of the wind in the leaves of trees, the place is conducive to relaxation. In addition to its sumptuous history and its superb setting, the castle is a family place. All rooms are unique.rbshThe vineyards of the property produce a white wine, the Viognier grape variety served at the table of the gourmet restaurant ! The Chateau’s beehives produce their own honey !

the swimming pool, located in the center of the property, surrounded by greenery

spacious room with a sitting area, large windows overlooking the gardens, landscapes and mountains; large bathroom, bright, terracotta tiles, view of the gardens

Room of the Orangerie restaurant, its terrace opening into the garden and its fountain. At 28 years old, chef David Loisel has a solid technique inherited from the great starred houses of France, a mastered cuisine with local products. The fish come from regional lakes. The products of artisans: Mr Stéphane Milleret: Boucherie des Halles – Mr Charles Murgat: Isère fish farm – Mr Philippe Nadaud: Etoile fishmonger – Mr Kelvyn Vannier: Champignons de la Motte-Servolex

aperitifs and appetizers, fine and delicate

Duck foie gras terrine, hibiscus jelly, candied rhubarb and cranberry condiment; Pike in a quenelle, between two buckwheat pancakes, variation of artichokesdav Motte-Servolex mushroom, eel emulsion, candied and smoked egg, wild garlic fougasse and mushrooms, superb, well done !nfd Sweetbread, seared fresh onions, carrot leaves from the Drome, grilled onion emulsionnfdArctic char, broth, flowers, variation of cucumber, delicious dish !

Pre-dessert: around apricot and verbena; Miel de Candie, faisselle d’Aix les bains, sea buckthorn purée, biscuit and chestnut crumble, honey ice cream, all-flower pollen vinaigrette, honey from the Chateau de Candie beehives. Also ‘The Cantine’ offers 100% homemade bistronomic cuisine, with a warm, attentive staff, welcomes you during the week for lunch and dinner.

The Tour du Chateau de Candie serves as the backdrop for an exceptional suite. Over 3 floors are a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with a large bathtub. This suite is ideal for a ‘honeymoon’ in an authentic and unique place! The Tower of the Chateau de Candie.sdr_HDRBIn a spectacular setting, in the middle of a maintained and generous nature, majestic mountains, the Chateau de Candie is a getaway destination…

Chateau de Candie Hotel Restaurant

533 Rue du Bois de Candie

73000 Chambéry

Tel.: 04 79 96 63 00



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