Imanta Resorts & Spa Punta de Mita Mexico

Imanta Luxury Eco-Resorts, with a incredible comfort in unforgettable surroundings. Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita takes a unique approach to the concept of luxury hotels in Mexico’s finest destination, allowing the breathtaking natural beauty of the oceanfront location to take center stage and creating luxurious guest spaces that blend harmoniously with the surroundings.05The result is a guest experience which allows for a complete reconnection with nature, but with the amenities and service of an exclusive boutique luxury hotel unobtrusively awaiting.09

amazing view from the Observatory terrace

04Standard Jungle Suite, each of these spacious 1,900 sq. ft. suites offer magnificent views of the gardens, jungle and/or mountains.

Choose your organic home made soap flavour ! 07Each includes a majestic bedroom and luxurious bath, both designed exclusively by Imanta along with the rest of the décor, adding a distinctive character to your Casa. A private terrace with a king size daybed make the perfect complement.


04Outdoor bath in the Imanta jungle with the sea view !


01For a Punta de Mita destination wedding, a retreat in Mexico or celebrating a family occasion, the incredible tranquility of Imanta Resorts serene location is the perfect backdrop for an event of distinction.

Lunches or Diners on the Imanta private beach !

Mr Christobal Gonzalez Imanta resort GM, One of the best luxury resort in south America !


Imanta Resort Spa Restaurants

Higuera Blanca

Riviera Nayarit

C.P. 63734 – Mexico

Tel.: +52 (329) 298 4200




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